Shuessler studios exhibits artists from around Denver and Colorado. Denver painters, sculptures and more are on display at Michael Schuessler's denver art gallery
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Here at Schuessler Studios we are constantly looking for fresh artists with a strong vision. Currently, we are excited to be exhibiting two local artists from Denver, Armand Guerrero and Gary Sutphin. Please take this opportunity to learn more about myself and the other artists featured at my Gallery.

Michael works with pastel on canvas, using an acrylic bonding agent to seal each on top of another. Capturing light and reflection, the Spirit in its rawest essence. Giving one a trancending mood each to his or her own.

Michael was trained and mentored  under Denver Artist Nancy Hannum. He is one of the few select people that learned her special technique. Pastels on raw untreated canvas. Being trained under Nancy he vows to carry on her technique for the world to see!  "With love we will miss you Nancy! Such an honor to have the legacy you gave me so many years ago"--Michael Schuessler

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michael schuessler

Armand definitely commands the form of the metal he works within. Capturing the form to the depths, the soul, of the being he creates. He allows the viewer in three demensions to phantasize to touch to feal the unseen world, that surround us even now.

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Gary works with time, bringing the essence of centuries past into the now. Using found parts and submersing them into concrete. Then washing them out like rivers of time. They truly capture the spirit of times past.

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Sherry Little Fawn Schuessler, Photographer

Sherry Little Fawn Schuessler has been a photographer for over 30 years. Specializing in Landscape and Nature/Wildlife Photography.

Sherry's photography has been featured in the International Library of Photography for her Black and White piece "Waiting for Daddy"

In May 2013, her photo "Seasons" was selected (out of 10,000 entries- 50 were selected) for the exhibition (I'll be your mirror) for the 1650 Gallery Juried Photography Exhibition in Los Angeles.

Sherry won the "Header" contest for her piece "Corn Stalks" for Rely Local Littleton and her photo was used as their header on their website in the fall of 2012 and for their Spring 2017 header for her piece "Geese Coming Home.

Sherry's work can be seen on the front cover of several publications:

Magazine Highlands Ranch Lifestyles Aug. edition with her special dog photography.

Also on the cover of the book "Apache Shaman's Journey" by Priscilla Wolf

Her German Shepherd Photography can be seen several times in the new book "The complete guide to German Shepherds" By David Daigneault and in the book "Old Dog" by Dr. Joanna De Klerk both on

Her work was also featured on the site Colorado Live instagram Jan 5th for her landscape photography Ingram Falls and on June 16 for her work of Lake Dillon

Sherry was honored with the Native American Name "Little Fawn" by Dakota (Priscilla) Wolf . An Apache BookAuthor/ Medicine woman.

Sherry resides in Colorado with her husband Michael and her two very big German Shepherds

"Every picture tells a story! It's an old saying but so very true, I believe photo's tell stories whether from a long time ago or recent. I can feel the heartbeat in my photographs. I want others to experience when I am seeing and feeling at that particular moment I take a picture. They might not feel the exact emotion I am feeling but they will feel their own version of the story if they listen to their hearts Whether I am taking nature photographs or landscape photo's or even portraits of others, each and every photo is special in that moment in time.

I have been a nature photographer for over 30 not only do my photo's tell a story but they all have life once they are viewed by others. I take photo's not only for the beauty they emote but for what you feel when you view it. I want others to experience the joy and beauty of the photograph they might not be able to see or experience in their daily life. Their joy of viewing it for the first time becomes my joy, in all ways"

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sun's vision photography
Schuessler Studios prides itself with some of the finest artisans within the Rocky Mountain region. Each with their own unique style, within the medium they specialize.