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Philosophy and Medium of works of Michael Schuessler

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As an artist, I try to capture the spirit of life on the canvass. My background in the healing arts is extensive, e.g. The Kabbalah; psychology, specifically studies in symbolism; healing with sounding color; and mysticism. These studies, in addition to my artistic training and apprenticeships, enable me to capture the essence of mood upon the canvass--- Defining the true essence of spirit. I believe the healing arts and the canvass arts can be one and the same.

Through the subconscious channels I can even affect people of this physical world who do not think on a spiritual level; this is accomplished through the use of color, movement and symbolism. Spirit is the connecting link which binds all together; it is the thread of life. My works flow with this spirit. My attention is primarily focused in this direction when I create. Life is a series of creations which we all connect through.

My works, as creative products of life, affect each individual differently. I allow each individual to experience their own vision, to feel, to react and to respond to my works on a personal level. I believe the viewers experience is spiritual and/or visceral, rather than empirical. Each sees the colors differently and experiences the movement differently, depending on their site, physical or spiritual. From the sphere of the automatic consciousness (a level of the subconscious) I extract the images I share. I fundamentally believe these images are created through me as reflections of spirit, which I earth {make tangible} upon the canvass.

My medium is chalk pastel on raw, untreated canvas which I bind together with acrylic bonding agent. This is accomplished in a series of transparent layers. As a result light striking the canvass is absorbed rather than reflected. This illusion creates the effect of self-generated light, changing from morning to night. This facilitates the true spirit of the pigments to the surface in an ever-changing palette of color.

I was taught this technique by Nancy Hannum who has since passed. As far as I know I'm the only other person she has taught this technique, and she swore me to secrecy until her passing, as far as sharing the process with any other being. I feel honored and blessed and will continue to create using this wonderful technique through my works. I truly feel that my approach and use of pastels is innovative and absolutely mystifying and one-of-a-kind, now...

Like three-dimensional sculptures one can mold images, by touch and feel. Through my works, I provide the catalyst; the viewer creates the form -- what they see and feel through their senses. Creative imagination is a beautiful thing. Oftentimes certain artists over explain where, why and how the art was created. I believe that this does not always allow the viewer to spontaneously see, feel and react to the art. When I create, my emphasis is on spirit and the viewer. I seek to slow the viewer down, a kind of Sedation, which allows their inner-self to create through the works. Imagination and desire is the key to creation and this should be shared. As soothing and as calming as my works are, they allow the viewer to respond and create-- the longer they look, the more they experience. The focus allows the spirit of the pigments to come through the viewer as it was created through me, thus We awaken our capacity for true creativity and connect at a level far beyond this physical realm.


Michael Schuessler

Fine Art
Michael Schuessler


I rely on spirit not form, on movement not structure. Through my works, my goal is to enable the viewer
to remove themselves from the immediate world, to look and feel beyond the work itself to invoke the vibration of the color senses, to touch, hear and feel the beauty within, to provide definition for this beauty, and to experience that inner voice of higher knowing.
OWNED STUDIO GALLERY on Larimer Street in Downtown Denver from 1999-2006

            Lower Wewatta Gallery, CO. 1988
            The Artists Research Center, CO. 1989
            Denver Partnership Co. 1990
            Metro Funding Corp., CO. 1991, 92
            Sirius Design, CO. 1990, 91
            Blue Creek West Gallery, CO. 1991
            Design Alliance, CO. 1991, 92, 93
            Payne Interiors, CO. 1992-99
            Town Hall Arts Center in the Stanton Gallery, CO. 1992-98
            Artists Studio \ Gallery Exhibits, CO. 1993-2001
            The Yellow Brick Rd Gallery, TX. 1991, 92, 93
            The Pavilion Gallery, TX. 1993, 94, 95
            Mead Street Station, CO. 1995
            Keller Williams Realty, CO. 1996
            Carol Mier Gallery, CO. 1996
            The Aurora Fox Art Center, CO.1997
            23rd Ave Sculpture Studio, CO. 1999
            Gathering Reflections Gallery, PA. 1999, 00, 01
            Wallace Fine Art, FL,.2000, 2004, 2007
            Michael Schuessler Gallery, Larimer Street, Denver CO. 1999- 2006

GROUP EXHIBITIONS:                                                                                                                          
            Blue Creek West Fine Arts Gallery, Best of 1989; The LO~DO Zoo 1990; Three Man Show, 1990,
            Intimate Collections, CO. 1991
            Denver Cooperative Arts Center, The Anniversary Shows, CO. 1988, 1989, 1990.
            Ec-Lec-Tic, Artists Against Nuclear War, 1989, 2nd Annual Myths-Magick-Miracles-Money, CO. 1989
            Ice House, Alternative Arts Alliance Open Show, CO. 1989, 90
            News Gallery, Artists Call, Overnight Show, CO. 1989
            Pirate Outsiders Show, CO. 1989, 90
            PAVOK Gallery, CO. 1992, 93, 94
            The Design Center of Colorado Springs, CO. 1993-99
            Reiss Gallery, CO. 1992, 93, 94
            Hildebrandt Fine Arts, CO. 1993, 94, 95
            Parker Blake Design Center at the Ice House, CO. 1994
            Kaiser Permanente, CO. 1995
            23rd Ave. Sculpture Studio, CO. 1995-01

            Jane Mason Gallery, NM. 1995, 96
            The Art Source, CO. 1995-00
            Kaiser Permanente, Holiday Card Contest & Exhibit, CO. 1995
            The Denver Center For The Performing Arts, CO. 1999
            23rd Avenue Sculpture Studio, CO. 1995-2001
            Artopia, CO. 1997-2001
            Michael Schuessler Gallery, 1999 - 2006
            Wallace Fine Art, FL,.2000, - 2006
            Emanuel Gallery, "Riddle of the Ritual" Auraria Campus Denver Co. 2010
            Armand's Artropia "2011' Denver Colorado

            Parade of Homes (Palisades Home, Sipple & Co.) CO. 1990
            Parade of Homes (Remark Homes, Paragon) CO. 1992
            Parade of Homes (Golden Design Group, Signature) CO. 1992
            Parade of Homes (Bronsert Construction, Payne Interiors) CO. 1993

            Ice House, Art Against AIDS, CO. 1990
            Design Alliance, The Hospice of Saint John, CO. 1991
            Colorado National Bank, Special Olympics, CO. 1992
            The Yoga Group, Colorado School of Yoga, CO. 1992
            Show Home for Hope, Colorado AIDS Project, CO. 1995
            KRMA-TV Channel Six, Art Auction, CO. 1995, 1997-2009
            Second Century Fund, for Historic Littleton, CO. 1996
            The Denver Center for the Performing Arts, Saturday Night Alive, CO. 99
            The Coca-Cola Company, Judged The Art of Harmony competition Art show: 02

            The Art Scene, with Donna Sell, 30 minute TV instructional interview. 1989-91 seasons.
            Ballet Arts Theatre, works projected as backdrops in the performance of JOB:
            A Masque for Dancing, 1995
            Doull Elementary, Taught 4th graders, The Art of Abstract Pastels, 1998
            Denver’s Heartbeat, Back drop for music shows, 99-01

            Art Instruction Schools, Minneapolis, Minn. 1975-80
            Design and Graphics, Wild Times Signs, 1980-85
            Nancy Hannum, Colorado Academy, 1985-89
            Robert Stromieher, Metro State College, 1987
            Denver Art Museum, Museum After Hours, 1992-95
            Studies the Mystical Tradition of the Kabalah, Healing with Color & Sound, Etc. 1978- Present
            The Cube of Space, Kevin Townley, Archive Press. 1994
            Gallery Magazine 2005-2006
            OK magazine 2006
            The Holy G-Rail 2006
            Best of Show The News Gallery, CO. 1989
            Best of Show Blue Creek West Gallery, CO. 1989
            Best of Show 23rd Ave Sculpture Studio, CO. (collaboration with Dennis West for Sculpture show, 1995)
            CBS 4, 2012, One of Denver's TOP 5 Studios

            Almsford Grange, Rest Home, England
            The Acupuncture Wellness Center, USA, Hawaii
            Bacardi, Miami, Florida
            The Miracle Center, Colorado
            Town Hall Arts Center, Colorado
            Menu Dynamics, California